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Have you ever wanted to be part of a great car community that encourages your project and your car?
Many people dream of it, but few feel they have a spot where this is possible! This is the reason Chill With Cars exists.
What Chill With Cars aim to be is a gatherer of the clubs, the enthusiasts and the community that wants to show of their memberships proudly, showcase their automotive family and open their doors for new members by simply showing what they have to offer.
We are for the car enthusiasts that have yet to find their own group of likeminded individuals. We are all different people and the same goes for the clubs you can find all over the world!
By providing Youtube videos of events and roadtrips that gather the different types of people, we hope to inspire you to become a member of a club, or maybe even form your own with others you meet at future gatherings!
One of our goals is for the automotive community to come together as individuals, clubs and larger teams for friendly collaborations! The PASSION is what counts!
Our second goal is to invite our social media followers to exclusive road trips, meetups and the possibility to get their car reviewed on our Youtube channel. You can apply for that via the Form on our home page or at the top of this screen.
A huge part of being a car enthusiast is the dream of being featured in magazines, and on Youtube reviews. It gives a sense of being seen, heared and appreciated for ones hard work on our passions. This is what Chill With Cars is about. A place where you can find your scene and connect with the people who share your passions!

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If you wish to contact us, please send us an email to chillwithcarsvids@gmail.com

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